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    2.4 Meter Earth Station Antenna-C, Ku, Ka, L S, X, C Band



    Probecom 2.4-meter antenna delivers exceptional performance for transmit/receive and receive only applications for L through Ka-band frequencies. This antenna offers a reflector design that incorporates precision-formed panels, truss radials and hub assembly using matched tooling for interchangeable components.

    Highlighted Features:

    *Meets CCIR 580 and INTELSAT Requirements

    *Precisely adjusted before leaving factory, and no need theodolite to adjust the panel accuracy;

    *High precision alloy aluminum main reflector.

    *Hot spray galvanized with white paint

    *CP/LP switchable feed

    *High RF performance

    *Galvanized stainless steel hardware

    *Different frequency ranges from many feed configurations

    *Ka band antenna with rotary pedestal is available

    A large hub for install RF equipments

    *Multi-layer anti-corrosion treatment.


    *L,S, X ,Ka bands and multi-bands

    *Customer feed system design

    *800MHz Extended C band is available

    *Full motion antenna

    *Feed blower or deicing sub-systerm with automatic controls

    *Two or four Tx/Rx port in linear or circular polarized feeds

    *Antenna control system with tracking

    ODU Support Kits

    *Increase the surface spray zinc thickness along seaside.

    Antenna Accessory

    *Motorization Kits

    *Limit Switches

    *Factory Feed System Testing and Documentation

    *Ocean /Air Transport Packing

    *Foundation Kit

    *Grounding Kit Cable-Mounting Kit

    As a leading manufacturer and service provider in satcom world probecom is always at your service. Detailed information please feel free to contact us at or follow our SNS links:

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